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                   multi-wall paper sacks, paper cores & paper sheets!
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Building Materials Packaging

Multi Wall Paper Sacks

Paper bags ideal for packing bulk materials. Multi-wall paper sacks are available in open top & pasted bottom, pinched bottom, in addition to valve top & pasted bottom

  • Open Top & Pasted Bottom Sacks

  • Pinched Bottom Sacks

  • Valve Top & Pasted Bottom Sacks

  • Paper Bags

    Satchel bags, handle bags, SOS bags, and paper rolls for different applications

    Paper Rolls
  • Bleached Paper Rolls

  • Unbleached Paper Rolls

  • Self-Opening Sacks (SOS)
  • Self-Opening Sacks - Regular

  • Self-Opening Sacks with Window

  • Dry Food Packaging Catering Packaging
    Petrochemical Packaging Retail Packaging
    Chemical Packaging
    Industrial Packaging
    Building Materials
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